The Real Imagination

The Real Imagination Episode 1

In a central business district of the capital of the kingdom, cafés filled with businessmen and professionals​ who came for their lunch break. I entered a café, grabbed a seat and ordered some food. Never let my time goes by uselessly; while waiting for food, I grabbed my phone to surf the Facebook and texted to some friends by using the restaurant’s WIFI. Some people asked the waitress for WIFI password as they are new here and the regular clients already have the access same as me. Everyone enjoyed the moment of free and fast Internet. I looked around the place to see if there is someone I know. Some tables filled with documents and laptops for their business discussion, some enjoyed their games, and some others enjoyed doing selfie and sharing to their social profiles. Noticeably, there one man with a dark screen computer attracted my attention the most. I was curious if he is a programmer or else because normal computer users do not use dark screen mode. I tried to see what’s on his screen, but I could not see well. None of my business, I should not shoulder surfing someone for their privacy; it’s misbehaved.

Food arrived; but I then realized that I have not cleaned my hands yet. I went to the washroom and passing the dark screen man table. With a quick glance, his screen is a Kali Linux with a long list of MAC address, IP address, and devices’ name if I am not wrong. He might be an IT security student or researcher, I think. Yet, again, it’s none of my business.

After washed, I had my meal with a cup of hot coffee. And, then a strange frightened idea came up:
1. What if that dark screen man is a hacker and he is here for his operation?
2. Who are the victims? Only targeted people or what?

I then turned my phone off, paid the bill and left the café.

[… to be continued …]

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Story by: Sovichea CHEAT